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The benefits obtained in treatments with thermal waters, do not depend exclusively on the element "water". but of the multiplicity of chemical, physical and biological stimuli.

The chemical effects are related to the substances that the water possesses, which when in contact with the skin, pass through osmosis into the bloodstream.

The physical effects are mainly due to the temperature of the water, since it produces a peripheral vaso-dilation, which improves the oxygenation of the tissues in the treated area and releases substances that produce anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, with muscle relaxation, causing a sense of well-being.

In turn, each sector of the human body has internal, physiological reactions, which are its own, such as a greater or lesser network of blood capillaries, nervous reactions, chemical components of the tissues, etc. For this reason, for example, the feet feel hot, a bath that is different for the trunk.

The biological effects are produced by the action of the "flora" and the hydrothermal "fauna", integrated by "macro" and "micro" organisms, in a complex union. This is generically called "biogleas" and is composed of tens of thousands of different species.

Not too many years ago, a microorganism was isolated - in the "International Society of Hydrological Medicine" - studying precisely what is called "intangible elements" of thermal waters.

One of these organisms, from the group of "sulfobacteria", benefited the human skin. Advancing in this research, it was learned that when an aggression, even the smallest, occurs on the epidermis, a succession of biological reactions appears in "cascade", generating a number of microtrauma, which include what is called "cellular inflammation". "

These microtrauma, repeated over time, are the origin of skin aging. The "biogleas" or "hydrothermal plankton" not only increase the skin's defense and repair system against external aggressions (aging and deterioration) but also exert a biological action on its vital functions - in addition to other organs and systems - which significantly and significantly improves the tonicity and smoothness of the skin.

Properties and benefits: The thermal waters are not the panacea for all the ailments, but they can be an excellent palliative for most of them.

This is for:

Stimulate the body's defenses.

They purify the blood, eliminating toxins through sweating and diuresis.

They reactivate the metabolism.

Reeducate the thermoregulatory system.

They cause a dilation in the vascular network, with the corresponding blood flow taking the organism resistant to cold.

It has revitalizing effects on cells and tissues.

Analgesic and antispasmodic results are obtained and are sedatives of the nervous system.